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If you are interested in The Mom Fund and want to see our pitch deck, email us at

Moms are starting businesses left and right and are in need of support and resources to help the grow and thrive as mompreneurs.  The Mom Fund was created for moms by moms as a resource to help moms receive financial and professional support with their businesses. Created by Hustle Mommies Founder Ariel DeNey and her partner Toyia Jackson, this project was designed to create an ecosystem of successful mom businesses that will help push wealth into the development of urban, inner city moms.


We are here to assist you!

The Mom Fund was created to help moms by providing them funding that will turn their hustles into successful businesses. Founding by Ariel DeNey alongside her partner Toyia Jackson, this fund’s goal is to invest in mom owned businesses while also providing business and brand coaching. In return, this fund will have a portion of its proceeds to go towards the Hustle Mommies nonprofit where resources are provided to urban, inner city moms. The fund will full launch in Spring 2022 and is currently raising at the moment

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