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About the
Hustle Mommies

Being a Hustle Mommy is a privilege that many moms experience yet are hidden to the beauty of it being a badge of honor. As a result former Teen Mom, Creative Consultant and Urban Family Activist, Ariel DeNey, created this movement to amplify the voices of urban, inner city moms by providing them resources to advocate for their families and their communities. The Hustle Mommies organization and movement focuses on three focuses areas which are emotional wellness, effective parenting and career/entrepreneurial development where our goal is to help our moms become whole moms. 

The Hustle Mommies has worked with many brands, celebs and influencers including Torrei Hart, Tameka Raymond, Keisha Epps, Pynk Magazine etc. where they have impacted close to 600 moms through the Hustle Mommy Mommy Makeovers signature charity event. This event has received awards from Mayor Aja Brown and the City of Compton as well as President Eric Adams and the Brooklyn Borough for the work Hustle Mommies has done in the community.


After the George Floyd protests, the organization launched the Hustle Mommies in the Trenches program where 1000 moms on the South and West Sides of Chicago were able to receive diapers, wipes, baby foods, baby formula and groceries. Under the same program, the Hustle Mommies has helped moms bury their children who have been impacted by gun violence.


The Hustle Mommies in the Trenches campaign received recognition from the Obama Foundation and an award from the WNBA Chicago Sky basketball team.

Hustle Mommies

Project Hustle Mommy is a community-based partnership between Hustle Mommies and Northwestern University. The goal of the focus groups is to identify causes of stress, what resources are needed to manage stress, and to create a safe space to express thoughts and feelings and receive the support of others.

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