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is an initiative dedicated to fighting to cure inner city gun violence that has impacted the South and West Sides of Chicago. Through this platform, the Hustle Mommies nonprofit organization created the Hustle Mommies Task Force where moms who have lost their children and children fathers to gun violence can advocate for peace in our neighborhoods while demanding resources and justice for families of gun violence victims. During summer 2021, this initiative will host community meetings in neighborhoods plagued with gun violence, host community popup barbecues in honor of victims of gun violence, bring mental health resources to combat hood trauma and more! This initiative was debuted on The Real television show in May 2021 and has a goal of working with the City of Chicago and the Chicago Police Department end gun violence throughout Chicago’s inner city. Our goals this summer are:

Paint the Hood Orange™️ 

The Hustle Mommies Task Force is a collective of parents who have lost their children and/or baby fathers due to gun violence on the South and West Sides of Chicago. This task force is dedicated to making a change while getting the necessary resources so moms can ensure their respective communities are getting the resources needed to change the lives of the families within them. This task force has met with the Mayor of Chicago, the Superintendent of the Chicago Police, Director of Public Safety and will be hosting community meetings to ensure the communities concerns are addressed and solved. Email for media inquiries or to work with the team. 


We are looking for individuals, groups and organizations to join us this summer to help us make a difference in the lives of the residents who are plagued by gun violence on the South and West Sides of Chicago. Please sign up at this link to volunteer and join one of our weekly virtual volunteer orientations: (you will create a link for volunteers)



Thanks for submitting!



Hosting popup block parties in communities throughout the south and west sides of Chicago



Through the Hustle Mommies Task Force host meetings with elected officials and governmental agencies to help with improving infrastructures in order to help cure inner city gun violence.



Host community meetings to help address safety concerns and to allow moms to TAKE BACK THE BLOCK.


Assist mom led organizations that are in memory of victims of inner city violence by elevating their platforms and getting them connected to resources.



Advocate and fight for mental health resources for the hood.



If you’re interested in partnering with the Hustle Mommies on this cause, please email for more details and to receive our partnership deck.



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