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Paint the Hood Orange is our approach to use art therapy to help the community express themselves in a wholistic way while also creating messaging that pushes messages to stop the violence with orange as the focus color.


The Paint the Hood Initiative is a campaign under the Hustle Mommies upcoming “Cure Hood Trauma” program where the Hustle Mommies team hosts pop-up block parties focused on bringing resources and essentials to the community.


At our block parties, we will distribute food, diapers, wipes, baby formula, gun violence prevention kits and awareness items, and more. We also engage with the community and to hear their stories, share knowledge and safety, and build relationships. We also honor victims of gun violence in various communities through signage and by covering trees in orange bows to encourage gun violence awareness to the community at large.


PAINT THE HOOD ORANGE Block Party series is Kicking off on National Gun Violence Awareness day on June 3rd in the Englewood Community.


In line with this, we are seeking monetary and in kind donations to give back to the community.

You can also help cure hood trauma by becoming our partner.

View PARTNERship opportunities below.

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